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Using Backtrader to validate algorithms and trading ideas.

Testing and Displaying your Algorithms

What I do



You have algorithms and trading ideas that need backtesting. Neil can create and execute backtests using Backtrader, Python’s open source backtesting library for trading strategies.

Out of the box, Backtrader creates backtests built from your algorithm and data over multiple time frames, using optimization methods against parameters, multiple indicators for triggering trades, and layering strategies on top of each other.

Backtrader will provide raw trading details, including profit and loss on any trade, order flow, positions, market value and cash, position values and more.


Backtesting Interactive Dashboards

Your trading needs may be unique and you cannot find the right solution out of the box.  RunBacktest will create interactive backtests for more comprehensive needs. The tests will run through Backtrader in python, with all data results going to Postgres Servers. From there, the data in integrated into Power BI or Dash for an unparalleled level of customization and flexibility.

Please click on the image to the right to see a live demonstation of a completely bespoke investment dashboard. Right click on a key or a company to open a tearsheet for that backtest. Click on individual charts or use the pane on the right for filtering.


Investment Dashboards

Custom dashboards displaying the results of backtests, customs filtered securities, and trading dashboards providing real time data for decision making in an easily understandable format.


Interactive Brokers Integration

Interactive Brokers full integration for live trading into an existing commercial platform.

Using the raw API, created the ability to trade within the existing structure as well as adding in options, futures and forex. 

The github repo can be viewed here

Why choose me

Extensive Investment Experience

Python Developer

Using the power of Python specifically for analyzing trade data and manipulating that into meaningful outcomes such as testing algorithms or creating informative dashboards and reports.


Strong passion for investments, technology, and a willingness to bring the two together in a solution for the boutique money manager that will differentiate them to their customers.


Creating solutions for Investment Boutiques from backtesting, backtesting dashboards, investment dashboards, custom reporting, and other bespoke needs.


Long history working with investments primarily in client facing roles as well as in developement with both large and smaller institutions. Primary focus on equity trading, long/short, domestic and international.

Plotly/Dash/Power BI

Coupling Python with powerful Business Intelligence and plotting platforms, Run Backtest provides extensive capabilities to managed data for reporting and dashboards giving insight for action and decisioning to the end user.


Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) and CFA level 1, schooled in Engineering.


What my clients say?

Neil has been excellent to work with. Very knowledgeable and professional. Would highly recommend him for any data analysis work, especially as it pertains to finance.
Long/Short Fundamental Factor Application, Calvin Glenney, Investment Manager, ON Canada
Our firm has had an excellent experience working with Neil as he assisted us in various projects using Python and the Backtrader library. Neil’s depth of knowledge and extensive experience in designing and testing quantitative strategies allowed us to navigate and complete the most challenging projects with ease. In addition to his technical expertise, Neil is a dependable and task-oriented person who is a delight to work with. I would recommend Neil without hesitation.
Chris Keeley, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Inukshuk Capital Management, Toronto, ON
Neil knew exactly what I needed. His experience in financial markets meant that I could explain complex concepts and he would know exactly what I was trying to do. I really enjoyed working with him. Loved working with Neil and I will definitely use his skills again.
Full Backtest and LIve Dashboard,
Julia Lee, Burman Invest,
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